Do You Want To Review My Book?

imageOn Tuesday, May 31, my Ebook “Refugee Resettlement: On The Frontlines: Christian Compassion Meets Rugged Reality” will be published to Amazon. I am looking for a few folks who would like to review my book for free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. I am looking for people who have time to read it and post the review within 7 days. The book is 105 pages long.

Amazon Book Description:

The topic of refugee resettlement has become a divisive issue in the United States since the terrorist attacks in Paris. Being on the frontlines of refugee resettlement in her community, Brenda Weatherly has a window into a world that is uncommon for most Americans. Having become acquainted with over 100 refugees in her city through volunteer work, as well as sharing meals with over 40 refugees in her home, Brenda offers a voice that is not often heard: the voice of reason. Discussing the need for Americans to advocate on behalf of refugees, while acknowledging that there are challenges involved with a clash of cultures, Brenda does not peddle easy answers.

Join Brenda in this book–part memoir, part non-fiction– as she takes a critical look at the resettlement process and discusses:

  • Her convictions as a Christian in helping ‘the stranger’
  • Her personal experiences as a volunteer with refugees
  • Europe’s challenge with unregulated mass migration
  • Her desire as an American citizen to balance compassion with discernment in who we allow to enter our country
  • The Elephant In The Room: Islam, diversity and women’s rights
  • A game plan in how we can help refugees assimilate to a new culture
  • The need for a complete overhaul of the current system of refugee resettlement.

If you are interested in this assignment, please email me at


About Brenda Weatherly

Christian wife and mother to 7 children, grandmother to 2. Woodlawn Refugee Ministry Team Leader. Refugee advocate in Knoxville, TN.
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