2015-2016 Homeschool Plans for 6 Children, Kindergarten through Senior

familyThe 2015-2016 school year is already almost here! This year will be my 16th year homeschooling. I will have children in grades: Kindergarten, 2nd, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th. Tiffany will be graduating this year! It’s hard for me to believe- The little girl that I taught how to read and write “just yesterday” will be finishing up high school and branching out on her own this spring.

I’m excited to see what this year brings. We will be taking part in a homeschool co-op again where my kids will be taking several classes each. Kaylie will also continue with art classes at the Community School of the Arts. As far as curriculum goes, this is what I have scheduled so far from youngest to oldest:

scarletScarlet, Kindergarten

josieJosie, 2nd Grade

lilliaLillia, 6th Grade

isaacIsaac, 8th Grade

kaylieKaylie, 10th Grade

tiffanyTiffany, 12th Grade

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About Brenda Weatherly

Christian wife and mother to 7 children, grandmother to 2. Woodlawn Refugee Ministry Team Leader. Refugee advocate in Knoxville, TN.
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4 Responses to 2015-2016 Homeschool Plans for 6 Children, Kindergarten through Senior

  1. Wendy says:

    What grade do you start history in? I realized your two youngest don’t have it.

    • Wendy, When it comes to my younger children and formal school subjects, I take more of a relaxed approach. I like to focus on the basics of reading, writing and math, leaving history and science for 4th grade and above. That’s not to say they don’t learn any history during this time period. Each morning when I start school, we all gather together in the living room where I read the Bible and a chapter book out loud. Oftentimes, a biography or historical fiction or non-fiction book is my choice.

  2. Wilfried Kapfer says:

    A great Familiy – I LOVE them! Greetings from Wilfried Kapfer-Germany

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