Book Review: Firsthand

‘firsthand’ is a call for young adults to face their doubts and fears about their faith instead of becoming cynical with religion. Authors (who are also brothers) Ryan and Josh Shook take us on  a journey of their life during their teen/college years and share the misgivings and questions they had about God, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, church- and how those tough questions sparked them on to a fuller, deeper trust in the Lord rather than turn away from Him.

‘firsthand’ fills a void in the Christian market in such that there are numerous books published with a similar theme (about living out an authentic Christian faith), but none of them are aimed at the younger generation, of teens and of those in college. I enjoyed reading about their doubts because the authors didn’t leave us with those doubts, rather they walked us through the process of how they went from doubt to trust.

I especially enjoyed at the end of each chapter the sections, ‘Making It Real’, ‘Think About It’ and ‘Might Try This’. ‘Making It Real’ included others’ voices who shared the same doubts and briefly discussed their situation. ‘Think About It’ offers several questions to consider for deeper thought. ‘Might Try This’ gives the reader a few options of ‘homework’ to solidify the concepts of the previous chapter.

This was a well-written book and I definitely will be bringing up many of its points with my teen daughters to encourage them to develop their own faith- their own walk with the Lord- rather than ‘going with the flow’ of the Christian community around them.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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